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photo: Privacy and Security Committee (LGPD).


By law, the data holder has several rights to his personal data processing. SENDI has established a central contact point, being the only one responsible for answering questions related to external relationships. However, please contact the data protection officer or the internal responsible person if you have any questions or if a data holder direct contacts you. Following are the people rights concerned:


The data holders may request, at any time, free information about what data SENDI processes about them, processing purposes, storage duration, or criteria for determining the storage duration and the data recipients. The holders must also be informed of their rights to rectification, exclusion, processing limitation, or objection rights.
Also, there is a right to receive a data copy.

It means that every data holder has the right to contact the responsible department at any time to ask questions or complaints. The information must provide promptly and in an appropriate and timely manner to the data holder. It usually occurs in writing or electronically.
Concerning requests for information, it must ensure that they are sent only to authorized persons. Therefore, it is always necessary to identify the requester (for example, by e-mail address, transaction number, etc.) before disclosing personal information.


The data holders have the right to correct personal data stored by SENDI, so data holders have, for example, the right to correct incorrect or incomplete personal data stored by SENDI. Also, SENDI must delete stored personal information if it revokes the legal basis for its processing. If there is a right to delete personal data, but the deletion is not possible or is unmotivated, it must block the personal data for unacceptable uses.
The data holder may request a processing limitation if considered its data is not correct; in principle, it must delete the data, however, the data will still be necessary by SENDI to process lawsuits or by the data holder against SENDI's data processing due to legitimate interests that they deny due to their specific situation. If SENDI released the data, it must inform the recipients about the correction, exclusion, or restriction - unless this is impossible or requires a disproportionate effort.


If the data holder provides to SENDI its data with its consent, or in reason of a contractual relationship with SENDI, SENDI is obliged to provide these data in a standard format upon request by the data holder, or if possible, to a third party designated by him.


If SENDI processes data based on a legal interest, the data holder may object to this processing for reasons that arise from a specific situation. The objection right does not exist if SENDI retains the data for, for example, the exercise of legal claims or if SENDI's interests prevent the processing from ending.


If the person in question has given consent to its personal data processing, it can revoke it at any time from a specific date. For example, the data holders may object to their personal data processing for advertising purposes at any time. If data are necessary in other contexts (for example, filing obligations), they can use only for that specific purpose and, otherwise, they must block.


The person concerned has the right to contact any time the data protection officer. It also has the right to file a complaint with the responsible Data Protection Authority, that is, the State Authority responsible for Federation Data Protection, which the responsible person is located.

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