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Ética Sendi


The reporting channel is protected and if desired, also anonymous, about conducts deemed unethical and in violation of the Sendi’s Professional Code of Conduct, Anti-corruption Policy and current legislation.

It’s important to point out that there are irregular behaviors, which can cause damage to all employees, clients, investors and, the whole society, which is why complaints from this nature are very useful for the Sendi’s preservation, to benefit everyone related to it.
The information reported here will be received by an Ethics Committee, ensuring absolute confidentiality and providing the most appropriate treatment to each situation. If you prefer, your report can also be over the phone.

(14) 3102.4509

In other situations that is not a complaint, such as claims, suggestions or compliments, use the Sendi’s Ombudsman through e-mail:

The truthfulness of the information provided is responsibility of the reporter. All information will be examined during the investigation process and, the actions arising will be decided by Sendi’s discretion. Clicking on the "submit button", you consent and agree to the provision of information, which will be solely and exclusively used for this purpose.

Please use the form below and describe the situation that motivated you to use this reporting channel.

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