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Sendi Pré-Fabricados is a company that has certified production and support processes, in NBR ISO 9001 standards since February 2011 and ABCIC Seal of Excellence - Brazilian Association of Industrialized Concrete Construction since March 2016. In the last 30, 31 March and 1 April, we carried out the annual external audit process for the assessment of the QMS - Quality Management System, where the certifications were evaluated. After ten years, showing itself to be mature and evolving, always looking for continuous improvement, the QMS was successfully evaluated in compliance with all the requirements of the audited standards and the objectives defined by the company. What they are and what has been audited in general terms:

ISO 9001: 2015 This is a certification that evaluates, in the current version, the company with a focus on changing posture, maintaining the quality management system, continuous improvement and actual evolution. It is structured to strengthen the context of the organization, the stakeholders - Customers and partners, leaders, the mapping of internal processes - facilitating that knowledge is replicated and evaluations of performance indicators are carried out, in terms of the quality of products and services. And, in the understanding of the whole, the important action of the planning carried out evaluating existing risks and opportunities.

ABCIC The ABCIC Seal of Excellence is an evolutionary program that seeks to improve companies, also in line with sustainability concepts and ISO standards. Evaluates compliance with technical standards, material testing, process control, product quality and assembly. It also assesses operating regulations and employees, and safety management aspects. It certifies the Management System and the production processes of the best construction system companies in prefabricated concrete. It supports the evolution and improvement of performance, increasing the company's competitiveness, agility, creativity and efficiency. In Brazil, only thirteen companies have the ABCIC Seal of Excellence, Sendi Pré-Fabricados LTDA is one of them! This success is the result of the continuous organization of processes, seriousness and responsibility of the Management and employees, evidenced by the satisfaction of Customers with our Products and Services. For the future, organized in the constant search for excellence and innovation, we will guarantee the growth and strengthening of our representation throughout the country.


by Daniel Corrêa Quality and Information Security Analyst


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