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Fire walls are elements that are part of the protection against the spread of fires in power substations. Their function is to prevent the spread of fire from equipment to a building or other adjacent equipment. They are located between power transformers and reactors, when both are insulated with mineral oil. Grupo Sendi works with power substations and prefabricated buildings. In substations we make buildings, equipment supports, water and oil separator boxes, fire walls, channels and passage boxes (electrical and hydraulic) in prefabricated. With the help of technical standards, we develop technologies for the execution of fire walls that can withstand from 60 to 240 minutes of fire. The thickness of the wall and the time it will resist fire will depend on the aggregates that will be part of the concrete composition. According to customer requests and current regulations, the necessary dimensions are defined and the time it must resist fire. With the studies, the technical team will define aggregates that could be expanded clay, vermiculite, expanded slate, metakaolin, limestone and siliceous stones. The fire walls, when made in prefabricated, have high technological control and are assembled more quickly on the job site.

Por Letícia Lambertini C. Pereira

Civil Designer at Sendi

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