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The Pre-Fabricated construction system has numerous advantages: good harmonization with other construction systems, layout flexibility, low waste of resources and good financial return. The prefabricated structure is highly sought after by the supermarket sector also for its speed, agile delivery (due to the assembly system), providing a faster return to the business. The use of prestressed concrete is a great differential in this type of project, allowing the creation of large spaces (free of columns), facilitating business planning, benefiting the placement of gondolas, parking lots, adding value to the enterprise and the end customer. Another important factor is waste, with a rigorous quality manufacturing process, every production has a low level of material waste, providing the work with economy and sustainability. Sendi is a specialist in prefabricated products. The Company has ABCIC and ISO 9001:2015 Excellence certifications, guarantees of reliability and excellence in concrete manufacturing.

By Edvaldo Gabriel Projects Designer


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