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Investing in land for the implementation of your project may seem like a simple task, but such action requires important points so that your project becomes viable in terms of use, functionality and profitability.

There are three basic starting points for doing this analysis: financial feasibility, market research, and technical feasibility. Financial feasibility aims to estimate and direct the amount to be invested. For this, we must have prior knowledge of some items, they are:

  • Land value (R$).

  • Estimate of the size of the work (M²).

  • Average sales value of the units (R$).

  • Project cost per square meter (R$).

  • Average value of the CUB (Basic Unit Cost of Civil Construction) in the region.

The market research must pay attention to the prices charged in the intended region, taking into account the costs: land, project, construction, municipal fees and charges, taxes and advertising marketing. And finally, when it comes to technical analysis, observing the natural aspects of the land can also result in savings for the investment, avoiding unnecessary expenses with some types of services: earthworks, containment and structures that can be optimized.

By Carolina Chamareli



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