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Photo: Night view of the Governador Valadares substation.

In March, the connections between the Mutum (500 kVca) and Governador Valadares 06 (230 kVca / 500 kVca) substations were energized. These substations are part of a set of substations starting at SE Poções 3 in Bahia and arriving at Rio Novo do Sul SE in Espírito Santo, passing through SE's Padre Paraiso 2, GOV6 and Mutum in Minas Gerais, totaling 806 km of transmission lines 500 kV. These projects will have the main function of draining energy from wind farms in southern Bahia. Sendi was responsible for the services and supplies of electrical and electromechanical materials and auxiliary service equipment, and the execution of works related to civil works, electromechanical assembly and commissioning support at SE's GOV6 and Mutum, as well as the adjustments in the high-end substations. GOV2's | Mesquita and Conselheiro Pena in the state of Minas Gerais. The peak workforce in the works was between March / September 2020 with 150 employees and 25 direct equipment in each work. One of the biggest challenges of these works was the heavy unforeseen rains, especially Governador Valadares, where there were floods and floods in the neighborhoods from January to March 2020, having to make a greater effort to recover the deadline to meet the project's schedule. I can say that I learned a lot in the work of Governador Valadares where I started and concluded the project. The diversity of the work as well as the complexity between short-term activities was an enormous challenge. The successes of the undertakings were only possible with the joint work involving from the company's board of directors to the construction assistant, always in the same synergy for the delivery to the customer of the final product with quality, safety, respect for the environment and search for improvement and continuous evolution of the processes.

Photos of the GOV6 Energy Substation.

Photos of the Mutum Energy Substation.

By Frederico Almeida

Civil Engineer at Sendi


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