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We exercise leadership in all areas of our lives, it is far from being something exclusively professional, we are leaders all the time. It is a fact that not all are born leaders, but the good part is that leadership can be developed. The problem is that many think they are or know the real concept of leadership, but few have attitudes as such. And this, in the corporate environment, can have extremely negative effects so that teams with excellent potential are not able to generate results expected by the company causing, at least, a certain lack of motivation. A good leader, in addition to technical skills, must have emotional intelligence to manage his team, we know how challenging it is to deal with people and their emotions. The true leader appropriates his followers through the example and the transmission of his own knowledge, besides that he is able to recognize the best of each one led and to combine these improvements to reach a common goal. The true leader cannot be afraid or afraid to demonstrate his weaknesses, on the contrary, this vulnerability brings people together and creates a certain synergy in the environment, and in this exchange everyone gains knowledge and the awakening of the best in each one. In 2019, we implemented the DNA Sendi Training Program to Lead. In this program we identify the competencies that are considered the core of Sendi and for these competencies we map capacities so that they are trained in all leadership through meetings, workshops, chats and dynamics. The idea is to strengthen our leadership through theoretical knowledge and practice in training so that they can carry to their departments all the experience that was learned and developed in the Program and thus act as true multipliers in their teams.

Photos of the last trainings

Trainings given by Haroldo Vila Real.

Por Iris Hortêncio Fabri

Diretora Administrativa e Comercial


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