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Engineering has always been seen as a male profession, a fact that has been changing over the past few years. In the past, it was possible to find engineering rooms with two or three women and this varied a lot according to the type of engineering. In the graduation of civil engineering, nowadays for example, it is already possible to find a balance between men and women.

In the labor market this is not very different, the majority is still represented by men, but women have been conquering their space year after year. The road is long, the changes are timid, it takes resilience.

Women's Day comes with the opportunity to reflect on the past and the present with regard to female representation in the labor market. Each space occupied by us women is an indication that we want, in addition to fulfilling our desires, to contribute to the development of our country. Occupying a position alone is an inspiration for so many other women. It is a daily struggle not only for spaces and rights, but for the reconciliation of professional duties with personal and family life, it is “killing lions” every day.

The truth is that there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome through effort, dedication and hard work and we women are historically proof of that. May we continue to be agents of change for so many other women and generations.

By Iris Hortêncio - Administrative and Commercial Director.


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