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(Clean work - Low waste. Photo: Supermarket Serve Todos)

When we think about sustainability, we immediately consider ways of preserving the environment. The concept of sustainable development is linked to the practice of activities with less impact on nature. The idea is to carry out the necessary activities without compromising the future and the next generations. Sendi's Pre-Fabricated System stands out among the construction methods because it has a controlled production: low waste, generation of debris, reuse of concrete residues and reuse of washing water from concrete mixer trucks, used in the production of structures. From an economic point of view, Pre-Fabricated works spend less than conventional works, when taking into account the entire cost of structures, waste and waste generated. In addition, another important factor is safety, since the works are clean and organized, mitigating the risk of accidents and incidents. Another important factor is durability, as the strict technological control ensures a resistant structure, so it will not be repaired or replaced anytime soon.

(Conventional construction)

(The sum of losses, including rework, can reach 30% of the final cost of the work)

These are specific benefits that weigh when starting an enterprise, considering the environmental urgencies caused by the negative impacts of old means of production. The conscience must belong to everyone and with small attitudes today we can build a better tomorrow.

By Drielli Ribeiro Civil

projects designer


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